Fields of application

Fields of application of polystyrene blocks in accordance with GOST R 33929-2016

Type of polystyrene concrete

Type of the product


Grade on the average density

Compression strength class (grade)

Heat insulating

– Slabs

-monolithic structures

– Thermal insulation of … attic floors
– cold basements and subfields
– load-bearing external walls
-plinths and foundations*

D150 – D225

М2-М5 (В0,35)

Heat-insulating and structural

– blocks
– jumpers
– monolithic structures


– External curtain walls up to 25 storey **

D250 – D350

В0,5 – В1,0

– Cross-void elements


– External prefabricated monolithic walls with an internal supporting reinforced concrete frame of low-rise (1 – 3 storey) buildings ***

D300 – D350

В0,75 – В1,0

Thermal insulation

– blocks
– jumpers-monolithic structures

– External load-bearing walls of low-rise (1 – 2 storey) buildings ***

D400 – D600

В1,5 – В2,5

– jumpers

– External curtain walls and load-bearing walls

* When installing waterproofing protection against groundwater.

** For a feasibility study, it is allowed to use blocks in grade of density D225 and strength class B0.35 in external curtain walls of buildings.

*** With a feasibility study, it is possible to use in buildings with higher floors.


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