Chief production manager Vasiliy Chelnakov
Commercial Director Aslan Kumarov
Technical Director
Victor Varchev
Development Director
Mikhail Bormotov

Our products quality guarantees the reliability, durability and comfort of residential and industrial buildings.

Our company implements state-of-the-art innovative technologies of the latest generation of production of building blocks for the construction of residential and industrial buildings of any complexity

For these purposes, we have been installed 3 production lines and two concrete mixing units on the plant’s production, which allows producing at least 30,000 blocks daily. The production area is 3500 m2. Highly qualified staff of our company with 131 employees, with many years of experience and relevant certificates

According to the quality management system implemented in our enterprise for the production of blocks PB-04, which meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, the following are carried out at the plant:

Input control of supplied materials and raw materials

Operational control in the manufacturing process of blocks PB-4

Computer control of optimal dosage of concrete mix components

Quality control of finished products

Management system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.

All types of control are carried out by an accredited laboratory. This makes it possible to produce PB-04 polystyrene blocks with a finely dispersed filler corresponding to world-class quality.

Some facts

The numbers speak for us

of customers
constructed objects
objects in progress

We do not stand still

Our objectives in the quality field:

Quality management system effectiveness improving in strict accordance with the international standard ISO 9001 requirements 

Guaranteed stability of high quality PB-04 blocks and the required volumes of their production ensuring

Degree of customer satisfaction of our products analysis with the maximum fulfillment of their requirements and wishes

Production efficiency improving through continuous monitoring, analysis and implementation of advanced technologies

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We appreciate you and our employees for a healthy attitude to the situation during this difficult period for everyone. We do everything necessary to continue working as usual, providing the service with the maximum possible security for you and our employ